Professionalise your business; 5 things to remember

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Professionalising the firm is easy to say, but not to implement. Only a strong plan and a visionary leader can succeed this.

There are only very few entrepreneurs who do not want to professionalise their business. I used to get these kinds of consulting requirements often. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs believed that being professional means free from all the business activities in a sudden and delegate all the works to his/her employees. But it will have serious consequences. As an organisation professionalise, we need to know few things.

1. Develop a strategy

It is not easy to bring change in an organisation. Therefore, the promoter/owner has to prepare an exact planning of what kind of changes are planning to bring and how long these changes are meant to be implemented is a mandatory requirement. Otherwise, the preferred order, time and duration of the change process might change and the process will not get the desired result.

2. Do not abstain from office/firm

Our staffs can’t get to a level where we want in a day, week or maybe in a month time. The time required for these processes has to be set based on the capacity of your staffs, staff attitude, experience and culture. If this can be done within 3 months, then the promoter has to wait for that time period and delegate all the works to our staffs.

3. Reach the office/institution correctly

A common mistake which entrepreneurs do as part of professionalisation is that they will reduce the number of visits to the office and contact over phone or email.  That’s a bad trend. We’ve to come to the office like what we were before. Make a very good understanding of all the activities planned (with an action plan), train the staffs for the jab & create a system. Then only you are permissible to take you constant involvement from the organisation.

4. Train-Trust-Delegate

This is a motto for those who wish to take the company forward and implement a system for change. Give right training to the staffs in all the areas it required, trust them and delegate the work only if they are able to. A Professionalization / Decentralization without evaluating the staff quality and skill set will become negative than we expected.

5. Evaluate

Performance evaluation is another vital piece of work which you have to do with. Evaluate the performance of the activities which are delegated. And ensure that staffs are performing good enough. an evaluation in regular intervals will also help us in understanding how far the change strategies are successful and how far is n’t.  Moreover, the promoter has to change/update the plans & strategies if required.

In short, professionalising the firm is easy to say, but not to implement. Only a strong plan and a visionary leader can succeed this.

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