Financial Feasibility Study

Highly skilled financial advisers’ at Fomentar conduct a detailed financial feasibility study to assess the required amount of capital needed for start-ups, locate different sources of capital, focus on increasing the returns made on investment, and various other financial considerations. Financial feasibility can be estimated based on accessing five prominent aspects of a business.
Cost Estimates
Return on Investment
Payback Period
Net Present Value
Impact evaluation

Internal Audit

Even though there are a vast number of applications for conducting an internal audit, the ultimate aim of the internal audit is the monitoring of risk associated with the financial organization and the effective implementation of risk management schemes within the business management. The internal audit plan we formulate will be in accordance with the below-listed strategies that are meant to develop innovative programs and will directly boost the return on investments.
Ensuring compliance with state, federal laws and contractual obligations of the Republic of India.
Recommend improvements as per the Audit Report.
Review operations to ascertain the results and to check for fraudulence, misuse of funds, and waste of any type of
resources or assets.

Financial Health Assessment

Financial experts at Fomentar exercise well-tailored financial metrics to calculate the long-term sustainability and the in-depth financial health of your company. Business owners rely on our expertise to ascertain the potential issues prevailing in their organization and then formulating corrective steps to fix them for achieving their predetermined goals.
Considerably Reduces Cost
Exploring Your Diverse Investment Options
Maximize Growth And Revenue
Realistic Forecast On Cash In-Flow And Out-Flow

HR Training

Our eminent financial educators who are experts in the profession offer comprehensive training on various accounting concepts and enable them to transform themselves as outstanding financial accountants. Our all-inclusive HR training in accounting provides training, selection, and recruitment of candidates to diverse companies which offer them great exposure to the profession.

Accounting Standardization / Accounting Process Setup

For ensuring transparency, reliability, stability, and comparability of the financial statements, our specially trained senior bankers standardize the accounting principles and policies of your organization irrespective of the size of your business and propose modifications for its improvement. To get full-fledged advantages of Accounting Standards, our banking experts primarily deals with two crucial concerns of accounting.
Identification and calculation of all financial events
Flawless Reporting of financial statements

Virtual CFO

An outsourced service provider or the Virtual Chief Financial Officer is the one responsible to take your business to the next level by implementing dynamic ways to raise the capital, review and analyze the financial position of the company by setting KPIs – key performance indicators and hit big opportunities for your business.


Fomentar is a one-stop shop for all your bookkeeping needs like bank reconciliations, handling deposits, payroll processing, sales tax filing, financial reporting, accounts payable and accounts receivable. Our established network of financial expert advisors avoids turnover headaches of recording each and every financial transaction of your company.

Virtual Accountant Service

Rendering the top professional virtual accounting services, our in-house accountants offer remote cost-effective services that add more flexibility for your business. By providing extra assistance for corporate and qualified Virtual accounting services for small scale companies is really beneficial when they don’t have the budget to hire full-time accountants. Our virtual accounting professionals effortlessly integrate with your existing accounting system and work parallel to attain your core business objectives.


Fomentar’s corporate taxation team enjoys a long established client base ranging from sole traders to big corporate. And we unquestionably execute revolutionary tax strategies complying with the frequently changing legislation rules and laws of the country and GCC. The meticulous knowledge of our taxation experts deals with Payroll tax preparation and filling, Expatriate tax returns, Business tax return preparation, Income tax, GST & VAT and Expatriate tax returns.
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