Why Do Businesses Fail?

It is important to have a dream and work hard for it. But the dream should be realistic and feasible 1. Market Misconception Doing business was much easier, when the market size was small, there were fewer competitors and legal frameworks. Introduction of series goverment regulations are the first step towards professionalization of the upcoming […]

Professionalise your business; 5 things to remember

Professionalising the firm is easy to say, but not to implement. Only a strong plan and a visionary leader can succeed this. There are only very few entrepreneurs who do not want to professionalise their business. I used to get these kinds of consulting requirements often. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs believed that being professional means free from […]

Everyone isn’t your customer

Many businesses believe that all people in the market are their customers and they tried to promote their product or service to a mass audience. In fact, businesses must make a conscious decision about which segment to serve and which segment to ignore. A customer is considered as the heart of all businesses. Many business […]

Evaluate Your Business Performance. How? And Why?

I would say that the lack of awareness about such factors is limiting their business monitoring system. In another scenario, someone may understand about those factors but unable to evaluate in a proper way. If you asked any of the business people around you about their business/project performance then they will tell you about their […]

10 Things before you grow your Education, Training business in Franchise Mode in Kerala

Studies show that franchising industry is expected to quadruple between 2012 and 2017. There is scope for Franchising industry to contribute almost 4% of India GDP in 2017 (assuming 6% Y-o-Y GDP growth between 2012 and 2017), growing from a currently estimated contribution of 1.4 percent of GDP. This is also expected to create job […]

How to Name Your Business?

A name is the identity of every business and having a good name will help you in getting your business recognized and make your business popular. A right name has a significant role to play in “word of mouth” publicity of your business. The naming strategies for a B2B business are different from a B2C […]

The Vision Thing

The concept of vision is wider and elusive, and there are many definitions and concepts emerged for the same. However, a vision is something which helps to direct & lead towards a future desired state. After the wider acceptance of new age business practices and policies, many businesses, organisations, governments and even political parties started […]

How Businesses Can Sustain?

Marketing and promotional activities based on customer engagement is the new trend in this era to become sustainable in the market. 1. Develop a Business Plan Prepare a business plan which considers the market condition of the business wishes to operate. Having a detailed business plan will help to navigate the business towards the business. […]

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